~ Khalyn Williams

Out of the books I have read this year, Look Up, Step Up, and Soar, is one that is one repeat for various reasons! In particular, after the first read, I have found value in going back and studying the stories, experiences, responses, and epic metaphors in this book to ensure I have not missed anything that could serve me and the people around me. . . Every chapter is structured in a manner that allows the reader to feel as if they are in a personal conversation with the author, God, and yourself. This book is the "3-way call" many of us may not realize we need to soar through life's turbulence..." 

~ Khalyn Williams

"This book serves for me, a beacon of light through which guides one back to God as the source of all that is required to take flight. It is a strategy and a complete blueprint for developing a deeper and totally dependent relationship with the Father.

Thank you so much for ... the inspiration to seek, with Him, higher altitudes in which to soar."

~ Faye Ray

"This book is so much more powerful than what I expected. Her lessons and stories are transparent and down-to-earth, but the connections to the scriptures are what blew me away. The book is highly organized, packed full of wisdom, quotes, and other nuggets. A GREAT gift for the holidays, too!"